Oracle data lineage visulisation tool

Explore, document and analyse data connections, dependencies


PL/SQL source code analyser solution
DALIA automatically analyse data dependencies implemented in custom PL/SQL codes schema, table and field level.
Offline operation
DALIA works offline (no online database connection needed).
GDPR support
Field level GDPR analysis is available by DALIA.
Consistent systems are easier to develop. DALIA provides identification of anomalies.
DALIA helps in effort estimation of planned modifications.
Refactoring support
DALIA helps the refactoring of databases and data warehouses.


„You can benefit from these features if you are…”
Chief Financial Officer
DALIA is cost effective
DALIA reduces design and development costs of complex SQL databases and data warehouses.
IT Director
DALIA supports estimation
DALIA helps to estimate the complexity of some high-volume database related work, e.g. data warehouse refactoring, data migration.
BI manager
DALIA offers transparency
DALIA helps to keep data connections transparent for business analysts, while increasing performance. It helps to reduce the risk of improvements in complex databases and data warehouses.
Business analyst
DALIA supports improvements
DALIA reduces the effort of improvements by analysis of current database system and exploring of existing data connections.

Main functions

Advanced visualisation


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